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Troop 5

Corporal Joshua Honaker

Joshua G. Honaker


On behalf of the Troop 5 Representative, representing the members assigned to the Troop 5 area, I would like to welcome you to our new website. The job and duties have changed over the last 100 years since the West Virginia State Police was formed in 1919, but the work ethic and dedication of our members have remained the same.

I started my career with the West Virginia State Police in early 2011 and was stationed in Logan County. I have proudly served on the Board with the West Virginia Troopers Association since 2016. I am currently stationed at the Logan Detachment. If you are not a member of the West Virginia Troopers Association, I would strongly suggest that you join and become part of this family which offers some great benefits to its members.

For the last few years while severing on the Board as the Troop 5 Representative for the West Virginia Troopers Association I have worked alongside other members at the West Virginia Legislature to help obtain better pay and benefits for the members of the West Virginia State Police. This has been a hard year for all of us. We have seen changes in the Law Enforcement community here and around the country.  I will continue to work for you during the 2021 Legislative Session and the rest of the year to try and obtain the benefits that our members deserve.  Feel free to get in contact with me regarding any concerns and/or ways to better the West Virginia State Police and our membership.

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