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The Troopers Association is attempting another increase in the longevity increase from $500 to $800 per year.  This worked for us in a previous session moving us from $400 to $500.  James Lee, President, has decided to drop the education incentive from our proposal.  In recent meetings the board has spoken about the upcoming election, who may be supported in the election by the WVTA.  The board has not yet voted, however, there is money and a lot of support on the board to spend the money from the PAC on the election.  I am not so interested in the idea of using PAC money on this election for sure, but want to hear from you.  I suggest that you let me and the other members of the board your stance.  Discuss whether you are for or against the idea of the PAC.  It is valuable to hear from the membership.  Also, we have currently about 450 active members of the department in the association.  We need everyone to try to recruit members that may have recently dropped out or may have never been members.  We need them back.  We are stronger as a group.