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Welcome to the new WVTA webpage and more specifically that which is dedicated to members from Troop 1.

For those who don't know me, my name is Kyle H. Totten III, your Troop Reprsentative. I am a two (2) term Executive Board member and career member of the WVTA. I am currently a Corporal stationed at the Fairmont Detachment and am also assigned to the Special Operations Sniper Team. I am a member of the 54th Cadet Class and have spent my entire career at either the Morgantown or Fairmont Detachments. I was born and raised in Clarksburg where I currently reside with my Fiance, Sarah.

First and foremost I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your membership in the WVTA as well as the hard work each and every one of you puts forth out on the road daily. We live in trying, turbulent times as Law Enforcement officers with an increasingly hostile media, public and overall increase in violence. Each of us who wears the uniform of the West Virginia State Police is asked to do more with less on a nearly daily basis by both the public and our own department. As your WVTA Rep I see it as my job and duty to do everything in my power to support our membership via level headed and fair representation on the board and as an active and outspoken advocate for my fellow Troopers. It goes without saying that our State faces a serious funding shortfall due to an decrease in population and the sharp decline in the coal industry. I realize that each of us would prefer an increase in pay, additional manpower and increased benefits. I can assure you that the WVTA aggressively fights for these issues as evidenced by our successfully obtaining an increase in longevity pay in recent legislative sessions. This same issue will be brought forth by the WVTA in this year's legislative session in an effort to increase benefits to our membership and improve the overall working enviroment.

As you can see we have a new website thanks to an agreement reached with a Clarksburg based wed development firm. Admittedly our old website had not been updated in some time partially as a result of a lack of attention and a lack of knowledge in dealing with website by our board. I will be first and foremost to apologize for this but feel that going forward our new website will be far more user friendly, up to date and useful to our membership. I plan on posting summarized updates on board meetings, fundraising efforts, legislative issues and other information pertinent to our membership.

Please put the upcoming Annual WVTA Conference on your calendars. This year's event will be held at the Glade Springs Resort and Conference Center in Daniels, WV (near Beckley) scheduled for the week of June 20, 2016. This event will take place June 23, 24 and 25 and will feature both family friendly events such as a picnic, hopefully at a local minor league ballpark, as well as the banquet and awards ceremony on Saturday evening. Having said that please keep an eye out for deserving nominees for Trooper of the Year. Send nominations in directly to either myself or Terri Campbell at our office. All WVTA members and their familes our invited to attend and will be given discounted room rates at the resort. Anyone throughout the Troop that has Law Enforcement friendly businesses, please feel free to check for door prize or monetary donations.

Memorial Glock handguns have arrived and anyone who has yet to receive theirs can either email myself or Robert Workman, Treasurer, who is handling the FFL transfers. Bob can be reached via his email at Upcoming fundraising efforts will be posted on our website. Please be aware that the WVTA no longer conducts any form of telemarketing as a form of fundraising and therefore please make the public aware that anyone calling stating that they are fundraising on our behalf is simply a scam. In the past other organizations such as the American Association of State Troopers have used our name during fundraising but we as an organization have no affilation with them in any manner.

Please take a minute to reach out to any non-members in your area and recruit them into our organization. Our strength lies in numbers and in cooperation with one another. I admit that we may not always see things alike but it should be our goal to work together in an effort to improve things for each other. I for one wish to work with the Department any time possible but also realize that there are times when the WVTA must respectfully do it's duty and represent its membership above all else.


In closing, my door is always open and I'm here to help in any way I can. Anyone with questions or concerns should feel free to contact me either at my personal email: or my personal cell phone: 304-641-1235.


Be safe,


Kyle H. Totten III

WVTA - Troop 1 Representative