WVTA Donations

Your donation to the West Virginia Troopers Association will be utilized to support our Bears Against Drugs Program which provides anti-drug educational materials to thousands of West Virginia school children. These items are provided by the Association to our Troopers who then present talks to school children. These materials are also provided to schools, church groups, etc., upon request. Another aspect of the Bears Against Drugs Program are our "Trooper Teddies". Teddy Bears are retained by our Troopers for those occasions when dealing with abused or traumatized children. The bears help to open communications with those children and are given to the child to keep. We have had so many Troopers remark that the bears are one of the best tools they have in dealing with certain situations involving young children. The Bears Against Drugs Program also consists of "Project Graduation" whereby the first ten requesting schools receive $50.00 to help fund their graduation activities around the state in which schools plan drug free projects to help keep their students safe during prom and graduation activities.

The West Virginia Troopers Association provides scholarships to dependants of our members via our annual WVTA Scholarship Program. We attempt to present as many $1,000.00 scholarships as possible depending upon the Associations yearly budget. The Association provided $25,000.00 in scholarships for the years 2004 and 2005.

The West Virginia Troopers Association also sponsors and supports Public Safety legislation and other causes supporting our members by lobbying the West Virginia Legislature and State Government. The West Virginia Troopers Association further provides financial and legal assistance to our members in need.

To make a donation to WVTA, please click the link below.